Art of Photography Conference

On 17 April 2021, The Art of Photography Conference will be holding a full day of engaging presentations on the art of photography. While the conference is based in the United Kingdom, in this unusual year it will be a virtual conference, allowing anyone across the globe to attend. Many of the speakers at this conference are well known in the nature photography world including Guy Tal, Brenda Tharp, Michael Gordon, Tony Sweet, etc. as well as many photographers from other genre’s including Julieanne Kost from Adobe who teaches both Lightroom and Photoshop.


You may be wondering why Nature First is mentioning this conference. We don’t typically advertise conferences, but we’ve chosen to sponsor this one to help get the word out about Nature First to a global audience. If you decide to attend, consider mentioning Nature First in your bio or as a tag line to your name. Our goal is for all photographers in all genres to be aware of the need for responsible nature photography.

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