Nature First Silver Partner: NZ Photography Workshops

Nature First would like to introduce you to New Zealand Photography Workshops. They were the very first organization to become a silver partner with Nature First. This involved a substantial commitment to practicing and promoting Nature First Principles within their organization.

New Zealand Photography Workshops offers a variety of services to those seeking an unforgettable photography experience nearly anywhere in New Zealand, the Subantarctic Islands, or Antarctica. They offer a wide variety of opportunities from 1-day workshops to 28-day expeditions, private lessons, tours and retreats, and even online courses and instruction.

Founded in 2013 by photographer Richard Young, New Zealand Photography Workshops is an award-winning team of 13 photographers who share a passion for photographing New Zealand’s stunning landscapes and unique wildlife. They pride themselves on their ability to offer unique experiences while inspiring and educating photographers from around the globe. In addition, New Zealand Photography Workshops is dedicated to protecting nature through various conservation and sustainability efforts. They are passionate about promoting practices that protect the natural environment of New Zealand for both today and for future generations. New Zealand Photography Workshops is also committed to being a carbon-neutral organization. 

With their strong commitment to both education and the protection of the natural world, New Zealand Photography Workshops is an ideal partner for Nature First. As a silver partner, one of the steps they have taken is to incorporate the teaching of Nature First principles into their workshops. We are excited about this partnership and encourage you to get in touch with them if you are looking for a photography workshop or tour in New Zealand.

If your organization is interested in becoming a partner with Nature First, visit our Partnership Page to learn more.