Earth Day & Nature First

Article by Rick Dunn, Nature First Board of Directors.

Here at Nature First, every day is a day for prioritizing and celebrating the earth as we work alongside our partners, ambassadors, members and dedicated volunteers to bring awareness to the impact of photography on wildlife and wild lands, and promote the role of photographers as stewards of nature.

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But Earth Day is always a special time for us, in part because it’s a time when more of the world joins with us in thinking about simple and positive ways in which we can better protect and preserve our cherished natural resources. It’s also special for us as it marks our own anniversary – an opportunity to reflect on what we’ve built in just 3 short years of Nature First.

On this Earth Day 2022, we invite you to join with us and all of our partners including and Leave No Trace to take some small action that will perhaps become a regular part of your experiences in nature, long after Earth Day has come and passed. If we all do just a little bit, the collective impact can be enormous.

The Little Calls to Action that Have Big Impact:

Nature First

  • You can visit our website to see how we’re working with photographers across the globe inspiring, educating, and uniting everyone making photographs and videos in nature; empowering them to be ambassadors of the natural world.

  • You can take a pledge to follow the Nature First Principles of ethical nature photography.

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  • You can join over 5,000 photographers worldwide by becoming a member of Nature First. Membership is always free and inducts you into a global network of amateur and professional nature photographers who have committed to ethical nature photography.

  • You can make a donation to Nature First, which will be used to support the programs that help us protect and preserve the world’s natural and wild places.


    ● Visit the website to find an Earth Day event near you

    ● Visit the Action Center to learn about opportunities year-round to add your voice to world-changing conservation activities.

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Leave No Trace

● Learn about the LNT mission and the specific problems they’re working to solve

● Learn how you can get involved in LNT initiatives

● Join an LNT virtual workshop or LNT trainer course

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