We Stand with the Black Community in the USA

An open letter from Scott Bacon, Nature First Co-founder

To our members, partners and supporters,

My heart aches as I try to process the recent acts of violence against members of the Black Community in the USA. And I despair, realizing that these are just the latest examples of global, systematic racial inequality and injustice. We are reminded, yet again, just how far we have to go to achieve a truly equitable society. And I’ve been grappling with the fact that from my position of white privilege, I can never, will never, fully understand the trauma the Black Community is experiencing. But that cannot be an excuse for silence.

The staff at Nature First have been discussing these events and how they impact our mission. Above everything, we all agree on this: We believe in equality. And that includes the equity to the benefits provided by nature and the outdoors. So we will stand up, and speak up.

We, at Nature First, stand in solidarity with ALL black, indigenous and people of color. And we strongly condemn all acts of violence and intimidation, racially motivated and otherwise.

Everyone deserves to live in an equitable society free from oppression and racial discrimination. These inalienable rights travel beyond the streets of our cities and the pathways of our parks, to the trails of our preserves, natural areas and wild backcountry.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” ~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

So as we advocate for the preservation of our natural world, we must also strive to ensure that everyone has equitable access to the restorative and healthy benefits provided by nature and the outdoors. We are all inhabitants of the same natural world. It belongs to us all.

We are committed to working with our members and partners to ensure that ALL who visit and photograph the world’s natural and wild places can be free from racial hatred and violence. And we share the dream that future generations can live equal, as one community.

This is a responsibility we all share. So I urge you to show compassion. Have empathy. Lend a helping hand. We are all better, equal, together.

Thank you,

Scott Bacon

Co-founder, Nature First