Sarah Marino in On Landscape: “7 Principles to Reduce the Individual & Collective Impact of Nature Photography on Wild Places”

Nature First founding member Sarah Marino just published a new story in the online landscape photography magazine “On Landscape” — and we wanted to share it with all of you.

“On Landscape’s Issue 180 features an intimate meditation from Joe Cornish on environmentalism, photography, and responsibility. Joe’s article ends with a request for readers to share how nature photographers might be able to “help the causes of the landscape, ecosystems, and the wild world” through collective action and individual behaviour change.

As Joe’s article makes clear, the issues affecting the wild places we photograph and our planet more generally are incredibly complex. Considering this big picture can feel overwhelming, distressing, hopeless, and paralysing. Yet, even in the face of such complexity, it is possible for individual nature photographers and small communities of like-minded people to make a positive impact, especially in targeted ways. This article is about one such effort, the Nature First Initiative and it’s 7 Principles to help reduce the individual and collective impact of nature photography on wild places.”