Meet Craig Brown – Nature First Ambassador

Web: Instagram: @photographybycraigbrown

Craig is on a constant journey of discovery and capturing the beauty this world shares. Craig has been privileged to capture that beauty in some of the most breathtaking and remote places on this planet. Earth is our home, and it is his belief that we all must work together to protect and conserve it.

As a photographer, Craig holds himself to the “Leave No Trace” philosophy. Canada is his home, and he traveled this amazing country east to west and south to north.

The diverse beauty that Canada has changes in every province and territory as you travel throughout this incredible country.

Storytelling is part of his creative journey. Craig believes that photographers have a unique ability to share their vision and tell stories with their images. Appreciating the fact that we live in a shared space, he thinks it is important for everyone, no matter where they are, to be able to appreciate this world.

Craig is a teacher, an engineer, a skilled tradesperson, and a traveler. It is his hope to share his knowledge with as many as possible so they, too, can follow their own passions and enjoy everything our amazing planet has to offer. Living proudly in Burlington, Ontario, he promotes our beautiful city in every way possible.

How old were you when you first discovered your love of nature? What prompted

I was very young, probably 10 to 12 years old, and my parents were always wanting to go camping. I appreciated being out in nature and seeing all the little animals scampering about and all of the natural beauty that I was around.

How long have you been a photographer? What got you interested in photography?

This year, 2022, is my 30th anniversary as a photographer. Visiting a friend in Australia back in 1992 led me to an interest in photography.

What led you to become active in Nature First?

I have always done my best to follow the “Leave No trace” principles, and when I came across the Nature First website, it struck a chord with me, as I knew it was an organization I could be involved with.

What kind of behavior distresses you the most? Do you have an example of this? How
would you tie this into the Nature First principles?

One bad behavior I have witnessed many times is the baiting of birds of prey by photographers so they get the shot of the birds diving to capture the prey. Another bad behavior is breaking off tree branches that get in the way of capturing the perfect shot.

If you had a magic wand that teleported you anywhere, where would you be taking
pictures now? Why there?

I would be in the mountains in western Canada. Probably my favorite place on earth to photograph in. The natural beauty there always makes my jaw drop, no matter how many times I visit.

If we were to have a bite to eat together, what would we be likely to talk about besides photography and Nature First?

Good coffee! It is not easy to find where I live.

A picture you would like to share with us that has a history related to our principles…

Humpback Whale © Craig Brown 2022. All Rights Reserved.

The image of the Humpback Whale Tail in Antarctica, to me, embodies the overall principle of protecting nature. Antarctica is the only unique, diverse natural area left in our world that humans have pretty much left alone, and it needs to be protected. The current Antarctica Treaty does just that, but all of humanity must make sure that the “Leave No Trace” principle is the number one thought in everyone’s mind when visiting this extremely sensitive area.