February 2022 Newsletter

Here in Colorado the snow has been coming down, coloring the world a dozen shades of white. Many of the wild creatures have gone into hibernation or traveled south for the winter, while a few of the hardier animals can be seen making their way through the deep snow in search of nourishment. Though the weather is at times harsh, this is also a time of great beauty.

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Nature First and NFTs

What’s a responsible nature photographer to do? Is it ethical for nature photographers to create and sell NFTs for income? The guidance from Nature First is very much related to our thoughts on nature photography and climate change. All nature photographers should take responsibility for learning about the environmental impact of their actions, and carefully consider how they can limit and reduce their own individual impact.

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Reconsidering our approach to Landscape Photography

I have not been writing much lately. It is easy to produce a quick article to meet an editor’s deadline, but it is not so easy to write something worth saying. Will it just add to all the other noise that is already out there? That is always the fear—and I find the same applies to the production of photographs, which is why there are times in my own photography practice where I don’t shoot anything seriously for months at a time.

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The Imperative to Become an Ambassador for Nature

I’ve been a nature photographer for over 25 years. I have an intrinsic appreciation for wild and natural places and the creatures that inhabit them. I made that appreciation the focus of my undergrad education, having earned a degree in Ecology & Evolution but also having taken just about every course that the University of Pittsburgh offered relating to nature and the study of the natural world.

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To the Roads Less Traveled…

A few years ago while on a road trip across the American West I decided to stop and photograph the iconic Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park. (Original, I know…) Admittedly, I was a little hesitant in doing this – I’d heard horror stories of altercations breaking out between jostling photographers, and knew that the location turns out dozens of near identical sunrise images every single day. You have to admit though, that scene is pretty spectacular; and a respected workshop leader had urged that I at least shoot it once for myself. So I decided to give it a go.

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Nature Economy, Nature First and Vacation Mindset: What Do They Have in Common?

Our dreams to travel across Europe, especially after several lock downs, grow bigger and bigger and we can hardly wait to be able to explore our most desired destinations again. In Europe, even around the world, we see a big growth in the Nature Economy. Outdoor tourism, like hiking, canoeing, photo tours, nature workshops etc. is currently very popular. What is the impact of all this on nature and can nature also benefit from this big commercial growth?

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