Madeleine Lenagh

Art and landscape, and a sense of wonder. Ambassador coordinator for Northern Europe

Interview with Bob Luijks

When Bob Luijks agreed to let himself be interviewed for Nature First, I couldn’t have been happier. Bob is not only a passionate nature photographer who leads workshops and trips, but also editor-in-chief of Natuurfotografie magazine and a popular series of handbooks and guides for nature photographers, so one of the more influential voices in the Dutch photography world.

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Meet Madeleine Lenagh – Nature First Ambassador

Originally born and raised in the United States, Madeleine has lived in the Netherlands since 1970. At the present, she is near Haarlem and the North Sea coast. Madeleine is primarily a landscape photographer who looks for beauty in the simple and mundane. She joined Nature First in 2019, distressed by the damage her fellow photographers cause to the landscape and to wildlife and their habitats.

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