Interview with Bob Luijks

When Bob Luijks agreed to let himself be interviewed for Nature First, I couldn’t have been happier. Bob is not only a passionate nature photographer who leads workshops and trips, but also editor-in-chief of Natuurfotografie magazine and a popular series of handbooks and guides for nature photographers, so one of the more influential voices in the Dutch photography world.

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Interview with Andrea Gulickx

Andrea lives with her husband in a lovely house with an abundant flower garden in the village of IJzendoorn in the Betuwe. The village is protected by a high dike, right on the river Waal. The river, with its floodplains and woodlands, is an important source of inspiration for her photography. So important that she devoted her first published photo book ‘De Waal Bewogen’ to it.

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Interview met Andrea Gulickx

Andrea woont met haar echtgenoot in een sfeervol huis met prachtige bloementuin in het dorpje IJzendoorn in de Betuwe. Het dorp ligt, beschermd door een hoge dijk, pal aan de rivier de Waal. De rivier met haar uiterwaarden en rivierbossen is een belangrijke inspiratiebron voor haar fotografie. Zo belangrijk, dat ze er haar eerste gepubliceerde fotoboek ‘De Waal Bewogen’ aan gewijd heeft.

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Meet Phill Monson: An Inspiring Steward and Best Friend to Our Public Lands

This month at Nature First, the topic we’re highlighting is “Lead By Example.” This subject falls in line with one of Nature First’s principles,- Actively promote and educate others about these principles.” When thinking about others who inspire and educate, I immediately thought of Phill Monson, from Utah, whose tireless work to educate others and clean up our lands has been highly motivating. He’s not only inspired others to follow in his steps, but his positivity sends a great message that we can all be influencers for positive change.

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