Nature First Ambassador

Meet Jonathan Fearer – Nature First Ambassador

Jonathan made the Pacific Northwest his home about a decade ago and has fallen in love with its geographical and geological diversity ever since. He predominantly uses a traditional large format view camera creating images that show nature for what it is, expressing himself while retaining the integrity and splendor of the wilderness.

Meet Madeleine Lenagh – Nature First Ambassador

Originally born and raised in the United States, Madeleine has lived in the Netherlands since 1970. At the present, she is near Haarlem and the North Sea coast. Madeleine is primarily a landscape photographer who looks for beauty in the simple and mundane. She joined Nature First in 2019, distressed by the damage her fellow photographers cause to the landscape and to wildlife and their habitats.

Meet Cristiana Damiano – Nature First Ambassador

Cristiana is a nature and landscape photographer based in northeast Italy. Cristiana approaches photography in 2010, but her passion for nature has always existed since she was a child. She likes to show people what everyone can find just “around the corner,” and that too often goes unnoticed, hoping to be able to sensitize people towards respecting the environment through her photos.

Meet Craig Brown – Nature First Ambassador

Craig is on a constant journey of discovery and capturing the beauty this world shares. Craig has been privileged to capture that beauty in some of the most breathtaking and remote places on this planet. Earth is our home, and it is his belief that we all must work together to protect and conserve it.

Meet Cynthia Bandurek – Nature First Ambassador

Cynthia Bandurek is an Argentinian Conservationist Ecologist, Field-Naturalist, Nature photographer, and wildlife artist. She has worked for more than eleven years at the Natural Science Museum and two years at the Darwinion Botanical Institute in Buenos Aires. In January 2021, Cynthia moved to Costa Rica to pursue work in conservation biology and photography.

Interview met Ruud van der Bliek

Toen ik recentelijk een oproep deed voor nieuwe teamleden, meldde Ruud zich meteen aan. Ik was blij met zijn enthousiasme, zijn nuchterheid, en de manier waarop hij kijkt naar zijn praktijk als reis- en workshopleider. Tijdens een gezellig lunch heb ik hem uitgehoord over zijn werk en over Nature First.